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Watch Out for the Fire Ant

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Just found a great resource for open source images.  Its called WikiMedia commons.  It works like WikiPedia, volunteers post, edit, and manage multimedia content.  The media content that then ends up on in the site library is open for any use commercial, private or otherwise.

What this means for me is a source of almost ready made artwork for the CNC machine. Many illustrations are in SVG format, vector instead of raster, and can be easily edited and resized with InkScape.

As a test I started with this original image except I got the SVG version,


Try TriSpiral Again

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Decided to work on the gradient for the Tri Spiral and give it another go.  This time I used the Gimps shaped angular gradient to make the center of each arm of the spiral light and the outer edges dark.  After this I selected the white background and changed it to black.

This left the edge still with a little lighter shade then the black background.  Since I did not want the edge milled higher, I used the brush tool to write over all of this slightly lighter color with solid black.  This picture is before the final edit, notice the white on the edges.


Home is Where the Heart is…

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Finally figured out the home switches.  It turned out to be pretty simple once I got moving on it.  There were three wires coming out of each optical switch.  After probing around, it was discovered that:

Purple was +5 volts

Yellow carried the signal, either high or low of the switch

Black was connected to ground.

These connections were found by carefully piercing the the insulation of each of the 3 wires with a sharp stick pin and then probing with a continuity meter in the wiring box to locate were the connection came out.  Once the associated screw terminals were located, it was pretty easy to use the ohmmeter to find the pins on the parallel port connector.