Control Panel – Step 3

After removing the board that was our old control panel I fished out the shunt wires and tested to make sure they still had a connection to the back of the trailer.  Also at the same time I found the brown insulated multi conductor wires for the water tanks sensors.

I added some wiring for the Voltage measurement and whalaaa, with two cheap harbor freight meters I could monitor the voltage and amperage draw from the battery. This picture is after I had the new board installed over the existing hole, more on that in the next step.

For a while we got by with this setup, open up the overhead cabinet and balance multimeter’s on top.  During this time I took some readings from the freshwater tank sensors to see if they could be made to function.  I also built a little control board from one of Zeppliniums circuit diagrams.  Here is a post about what I found with the fresh water sensors.

The LEDs go out as the water tank empties – or not 😉 Going to have to spend some more time with this part for sure.


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