A Donation Wow!!!

A reader of my progress on the OZO machine has offered to donate a compressor for the cause (see comments on last post). This is fantastic news, as the tank I have been using is not sealed enough to hold pressure for long periods. If I pressurize to about 80 PSI the tank holds air for about two days. I have not made a serious attempt with soapy water and a brush to find the leaks though.

It doesn’t take many trips out of the house to find air, to realize this idea is not going to work. The compressor will allow me to keep the tank topped off and may even provide auxiliary vacuum for a hold down platform.

I’ll post some pictures when the compressor arrives,

Thanks again Michael, this is very kind of you and a real surprise for me.

EDIT: Here are some pics of the compressor once I got it in the mail

I added the feets as I had them laying around, note how small this cute little guy is.

Here it is sitting on the tank, for perspective, tank is about 1.2 cubic feet and this little pump, pressureizes it to 60psi in about 10min or so…

The compressor is made by GAST, this is a link to the DataSheet

The info is not for this exact pump as the model number is SAA-PXXX-NA

and it states “Derivative Prototype”


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