Air for the Spindle

Over the weekend, I managed to scrounge together enough plumbing pieces to resurrect an old air tank I have into a working portable air supply. Basically its a tank with air gauge, pressure relief, hose, quick connect, and valve that I can fill up and then attach to the spindle.

The idea was that I would get multiple open/close cycles on the collet without the need for an air compressor. While I managed to get the tank built and worked the collet several times, its still not completly tested.

One flaw in the plan was that they removed the free air line that was a couple of blocks from my house. So, I had to drive around and the only place I found near my house, has a pretty crappy compressor that would only pressurize the tank to about 40 psi.

I was able to actuate the compressor many times with this weak fill however. So… it remains to be seen, if I can fill up the tank and use it for about a week. Still even if it doesn’t work, I am not out much money and it will be a portable tank for filling tires etc…


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