How much wood would an…

Ozo cut if an OZO would cut wood!

Had a bit of time to fool with the machine over the Holidays and decided to try out the new hold down techniques and cut some thin wood. It went pretty well, all thing considered. I cut what appears to be thin mahogany surfaced plywood sourced from the local mantle shops bin.

This was my first attempt. The bit cut very cleanly, nice edges etc… Problems occurred when the bit lifted out of the work, sometimes the edge of the hexagon would come out as well and and try and jam the bit. In the future I am going to have to use tabs to hold these in the background framework. Had to be very careful about entry and exit paths running into the hold downs. There was more then one near miss.

Next I got more ambitious and downloaded this crazy spider puzzle dxf file. I got the job set up and what followed was a hair raising hour of the machine trying to cut out all the tiny pieces and me trying to keep the machine from eating itself for lunch. Lots of pieces tried to to lift out with the bit. Lots of pieces tried to bend in there framework at the last min before the cut ended miss shaping them. There was a problem with cut order, machine tries to cut internal holes after the piece is all ready cut from the frame.

At one point the frame work broke in the middle and everything got all jammed up, lots of stabbing around with my little chop sticks trying to resolve order. Next time I will have tabs and more space in between pieces so the network frame remains solid. To make matters worse, of course the puzzle won’t work because, the thickness of my material is very different then the orginal intended thickness, none of the slots are big enough to accomidate.

Ahhh well fun experiment, nothing broken, and I got to see some of the detail that is possible, pretty impressive and fun.

Thickness of material .2 inches about 1/4 inch cut in two passes using a burr type bit.

Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM

Cut Feed Rate 10 ipm

Plunge Feed Rate 5 ipm

Spider Gcode

Hexagon Gcode

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