Control Panel – Step 1

For the past few months we have been working on fixing up an older Airstream trailer.  Its a 1970 Safari, and came to us in pretty good shape, but was missing one very important item.

The Control Panel duh, dunh, dunh, duh!!!

I of course wanted our panel to look more like this one…

Now, for all practical purposes you really can’t control much with this panel.  It did allow you to see basic information about your holding tanks, in our case, fresh and black.  It also had a clock and I think a barometer and a switch for the water pump as well as a battery monitor.  The main incentive to replace our missing one was that we had no  way to tell how much water we had left in our freshwater holding tank.  The tank holds 50 gallons and for weekend trips it seemed like a lot of water to haul around just to go camping.  I stumbled on an amazing post by a guy on the airforums, that did a very similar thing.  He built a replacement control panel that looks like this… WOW!



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