Links, Useful for the Project

  • Using the AXIS graphical interface Link
  • Image-to-gcode now included with EMC starting with version 2.1 Link
  • Using Inkscape to generate gcode Link
  • Fix for above code that works with newer version of EMC Link
  • This is a local copy of the patched file so that I will not lose it
  • Mesa Engineering FPGA anything card Manual cost 199.00
  • pyVCP Virtual Control Panel Table of Contents
  • Tutorial on GCNCCAM, this may be what I end up using with QCad
  • Another Tutorial on GCNCCAM this one is a PDF
  • CNC4Free Site detailing the use of GMAX and CNCToolkit
  • PCB Isolation Showing how to isolation of tracks in EAGLE for CNC
  • CNC Source page with lots of links for material sources, articles on CNC etc…
  • Mill PCBs is an amazing resource, for those interested in milling circuit boards with there CNC
  • Drewtronics to get reportedly high quality small engraving bits for circuit boards and wood
  • JoyPad use with EMC as a jog wheel axis jog at a proportional speed to the stick movement
  • ShopBot site info 3d Designs for CNC very informative
  • Nice article on how to engrave pictures in plastic
  • Eagle ULP for producing Circuit Boards

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