Z-Axis Probe Update

So, finally got the motherboard, back in the machine and everything, drilled, wired, soldered, etc… and… It don’t work 😉

Come to find out that the cool and groovy old green binding post I used has no conductivity from top to bottom.  That’s right folks if you have not learned the lesson all ready, you probably will again, never assume.

Lucky for me it was easy to figure out and I was able to remove the binding post without taking the motherboard back out.  I replaced it with a small bolt and lock nut. Added another ring connector for the wire on the top side of the board.   WahLah, it works!

I added a banana jack to the back of the machine so I can plug different types of probes in, I would really like to do some Scanning .

I spent some time last night trying to get the hang of Zeroing out the Z-axis with the probe.  Still having a bit of trouble with the concepts and the gcode.  The nice folks on #EMC irc freenode are helping me out.

The idea is you use G38.2 (May be for EMC only) like:

G38.2 Z-1 F1 (Tries to move Z axis below work surface stops at probe top)

G92 Z.060  (Moves Origin to new location, this is the tricky part, .060 just compensates for probe height)

Will post back more when I actually get a good system going.

EDIT: Thanks to SWPadnos Coordinate Systems in the wiki really helps.

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