Hold On, Hold Down

I am almost to the point that I can actually start making chips, and have been thinking about material hold down options.  Ahhh, the little things 😉

Here are couple of articles I found interesting…

Drewtronics writeup on a vacuum table hold down system that looks really nice for circuit boards or other small flat objects.

I’ll probably start with some double face tape and see how that does.  Somewhere in my junk pile I have a couple of old, 1/4″ thick pieces of fiberglass that have an array of holes.  This may have been some kind of heavy duty prototyping breadboard back in the day.  It seems like it may work well as a hold down jig for the moment, while I get a feel for the machine and learn about other options.  I may add to this post as I find more hold down techniques.

Just a picture of one way to construct a t-slot table…

CNCzone Comprehensive list of different hold down techniques

MojoSofts site detailing some very interesting holdown tables etc…


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