Reviewing the EMC2 manual it seems that pins 18-25 on the parallel port or always ground. The signals I want access to next on the OZO are the encoders and the spindle control. Unfortunately the encoder signals look mapped to Parallel 20,23,24 and the likely spindle control is on Pin 11.

These pins are not going to work with the Parallel port in the computer. I may not even have enough I/O on the port to completely control this machine, however, what I really need next is spindle control, at least on off. Looks like the OZO may have had a proprietary card in the computer after all.

The new plan is to build a small converter board. I am hoping to use two wire wrap parallel port sockets, plug one end into the OZO and then map across to the plug that will connect to the computer. This way I can remap some of the OZO signals to the computer and have access to them at the port for probing etc…

We shall see!


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