It Moves…

Just a quick post, I am very happy.

This evening I finished tracing out the main signals to the parallel port. Copied the default files from emc sample_configs into my home directory and edited the default pinout hal file to reflect my findings. Changed just a couple of things in the default stepper ini mostly just to reflect filenames, and …

Figured what the heck, lets give it a go. I was a little nervous about trying to run the machine without isolation, and the ground traces don’t line up between the computer and the machine, but hey!!!

It worked!!!

I had to invert the direction pin for the X axis, but that was a simple edit of the pinout file. Sweet! I ran the test gcode, and moved the machine around manually. Its way out of tune, the scale is way off. However, all of that can be fixed. At least it moves, and thats a very big deal indeed!

EMC Documentation list the very nice User Manual as Well as Integrators Manual. The Integrators manual has a section on tuning stepper motors.

Some Notes from a person explaining how they set up there steppers and adjusted for scale. Seems like the variable to change is INPUT_SCALE in the ini file.


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