EMC Configuration

I have decided to use linux EMC as the initial control software.  First I love linux, second this is fantastic software for machine control.  It runs with on top of a real time kernel and has a nice GUI interface called axis.  As I ramp up on GCODE and CAM/CAD software I have been using AXIS to simulate my produced code.  Its all been working very well.  I have a bit of experience with EMC in the past, using it to help some Senior Design Students retrofit an old StarTurn CNC Lathe.  So, for now its an obvious choice for machine control.  I’ll use this post to document some of the install notes and configuration changes.

Using Ubuntu Dapper LTS for now, even though Hardy Heron LTS is recently out.  My machine for control purposes right now is an older 700Mhz Pentium.  Dapper has been running on this machine for over a year, so for now, just installing EMC along side, will reboot into the realtime kernel to control the machine.

First Step:

Used the install script from the EMC website, changed permissions to executable and it ran fine rebooting into 2.6-15 Magma realtime kernel EMC2 works!

Next Step:

Review standard_pinout.hal to see how its configured by default standard_pinout


2 Responses to “EMC Configuration”

  1. Tony says:

    I’m thinking of buying an Ozo machine that doesn’t has the control
    computer. Since I am not an electronics savy and kind of leaning
    toward using the original control if posible. (Although I am very
    inspired by your works and sucess with EMC).

    Does your Ozo machine come with the original computer
    and control software?
    If you no longer need them, please let me know.


  2. ednspace says:

    My machine didn’t come with the computer or the control panel.
    Thats probably the main reason that I was able to get it, as it was not functioning.

    I will say that they are very nice machines, solidly built etc…
    If you don’t want to tackle the electrical stuff at the card level, you may be able to replace the original controller with something from gecko drives.
    Everything on the existing controller is clearly labeled. You may be able to then buy a control card for your computer. This way you would not have to try and control the machine through the parallel port.

    My machine can cut at about 30 to 40 ipm if I take thin cuts .1 inch etc in wood and other, so… its not very fast.
    I am not sure if this is a factor of the steppers that are on the OZO or the controller itself.

    Someone not long ago did pass on some scans of the manual so… if you get your machine let me know and I’ll pass them on to you.

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