This was my first try at the EMC plugin Image-to-gcode now included with EMC.  It allows you to open an image file and after changing some preference settings converts this to file to gcode.  It produces a height or depth map of the image, where all dark areas are low and all light areas are high, or the inverse, your choice.

I started with a solid black png, downloaded through google images.

Then I used the gimp image editor to add a gradient , so the image would have some different depths and hopefully give it a 3D effect.

Then I ran it through the Image-to-gcode filter which produced the gcode and dumped straight into EMC2, very nice plugin by the way, thank you.

The final result had a few problems but came out pretty neat none the less.  Notice how the edge of the gradient image are almost solid white, they ended up being very low, and there is a dark boarder around everything that ended up milled out high, I may try correcting these problems and then run the code again, here’s the pic of the final object.

And the Gcode-File if you are interested…


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