…IT Can Cut IT…

Wow, at long last, some cuts in soft wood!

Nothing special, and certainly not perfect results, but, at least the machine is cutting instead of drawing, so thats something.  Learned a lot very quickly too!

First attempt was a pocket 4×6 inches by .08 inches deep.  Spindle speed was set at 12,000.  Used a 1/8″ two flute end mill and a Feed Rate of 7″ per min.  I tried cutting this in .020 inch passes.

The machine cut fine and the control software worked well, its just that a 4×6 pocket being made with a small end mill such as this, at this feed rate takes forever.  I stopped it after the second pass, it really would have taken several hours to complete, but it was a fine first run.

Next I used CamBam to knock up some text to cut, I used the pocket feature again.  Increased Feed Rate to 15 inches a min.  Went pretty smooth, but lost steps do timing errors, I think, associated with having the USB thumb drive plugged in while running the RTOS.  These two don’t seem to play nice together.  Still I was very pleased with the outcome.  Note the stab wounds in the wood were there before I started cutting 😉

The next day I tried again, same settings no thumb drive.  This resulted in no missed steps, but I had a fairly obvious alignment issue!

Still these were very good learning experiments, they quickly taught me about feed rate, and spindle speed.  CamBam is working the trick for quickly building up designs.  I may experiment around with some more wood or foam cuts, but I am really dieing to try aluminum.  That will be the real test.

This is a quick Tutorial on speed and feed rates I found useful for this step…

and a screenshot of EMC showing the OZO text tool path



2 Responses to “…IT Can Cut IT…”

  1. Lawrence says:

    I’m actually very curious about this project. I have acquired an OZO router and am interested in an EMC2 conversion. Would you be willing to share your experiences?

  2. ednspace says:

    Thanks for the interest.
    I’d be happy to share with you what ever I know.
    You are one of only about 3 which have contacted me about the old routers.

    I’d be happy also if you would share with me what ever you learn about yours.
    Mines going pretty good now. Kind of routine to mill out a couple of parts etc..

    Though I have kinda of fallen into a pattern of doing the same sorts of things.
    Not pushing the boundaries much, at least for now.

    There are still a lot of things that I would like to do/change but for now it works and I am using it.

    What state of mind is your machine in?
    What would you like to accomplish?

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