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Dixie Banjolele

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Fantastic News, I just got a fine gift of one of these beautiful specimens.

Its a small 4 string instrument, built like a banjo, tuned like a ukulele.  Its body is cast aluminum and it feels solid and heavy in the hand.  It comes with a fantastic sound that projects and really lets you sink down in the details.  From what I can gather they were made sometime in the 50s or early 60s 40s & 50s.  I have is the “Black” model and its in wonderful shape for its age, if it is really as old as I have read.  Only one minor problem at first glance and thats a cracked friction tuner.  Apparently this is not the first Dixie to suffer these problems, odd thing is this is the only white peg the others are black and work fine.  If you have one of these and you are trying to learn more the Dixie Banjolele Blogspot is the best resource for information on literally the real nuts and bolts that I have found so far.

Here are some close ups of the instrument, the last frame on the right shows off my attempt at a patch for the tuner with a material called ShapeLock. It almost worked, however in my excitement I don’t think I waited quite long enough for it to cure and it slips around the flat of the post.