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  1. Craigk says:

    Hi. Visiting your blog entry for Dixie Banjo Uke from the Dixie Banjolele blogspot. I just got a Dixie and it’s just like yours with the colored strings too! The one white tuner on my Dixie looks just like yours. Must be stock. Bridge looks the same too. Unfortunately the neck is twisted and bowed and the three replaced peg tuners chipped the “cones” on the back of the headstock. Marvin Walker says he has extra necks. Yay! Will need new tuners either way.

  2. ednspace says:

    Hey Fantastic,

    Glad that Marvin can fix you up. I still love mine though don’t play it much. I did recently tighten the head which was scary but came out all right. I was very scared I would crack it but I just turned each adjustment a small amount as I went around and it came up. I reasoned that I couldn’t really play it with that much sag anyway, but, I would have been sick if it busted. I still want to to track down some more colored strings, I think they look awesome on the dixie.

    Thanks for commenting.

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